Equi TAO-DERM / Horse Balance & Skin

Equi TAO-DERM - used in case of itching, Summer Eczema, chronic dermatitis - for horses
  • Equi TAO-DERM - used in case of itching, Summer Eczema, chronic dermatitis - for horses

Equi TAO-DERM / Horse Balance & Skin

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Horse food supplement exclusivevely herbal, which contributes to skin balance.
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Indicative dosage (can be adapted) :
1 measuring spoon per day and per 150 kg of weight (to be be mixed with usual horse food or in a treat). Ideally to be splitted in two doses, one at morning and one at evening.

With Equi TAO-DERM, come to natural products, your horse will thank you !

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Reviews Equi TAO-DERM / Horse Balance & Skin

 Customer ratings and reviews
 (4,9/5)  - 8 rating(s) - 8 review(s)
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 Customer ratings and reviews
 (4,9/5)  - 8 rating(s) - 8 review(s)

Detailed description


Equi TAO-DERM, 100% natural, exclusively composed of carefully selected plants, contribute to skin balance.
By helping your horse to harmonize his YIN and YANG energies, Equi TAO-DERM has a lasting action while being gentle with your animal.
Equi TAO-DERM is available under thinly chopped plants powder form.

Plants used in Chinese medicine for horses


Ttype of imbalanced energy for which Equi TAO-DERM should be used could correspond, according to modern science, to itching, Summer Eczema, chronic dermatitis...

Chinese approach

Itching is a consequence of skin YIN energies deficiency and blood (XUE RE) YANG energies excess. This situation explains why sun and climate dryness are worsening factors. Other factors can worsen the situation as stress or Liver (under Chinese meaning) YIN energies deficiency.

Our experts opinion

• A study carried out with 7 veterinarians under the aegis of Data Proved (independent organization) in atopic dermatitis context has demonstrated the effectiveness of Cani TAO-DERM. Equi TAO-DERM has the same composition. The test was carried out with 6-week course.
• Our products are specially formulated to be associated with each other if necessary.
• Regarding Equi TAO-DERM, no side effect or incompatibility with another products have been reported to date.

Science point of view

Pharmacological studies
The plant active ingredients present in Equi TAO-DERM give it various properties :
> Anti-inflammatory
> Antibacterial


• Composed of Rd Rhemanniae, Radix Ledebouriellae, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Radix Scrophulariae, Rhizoma Atractylodis, Fructus Arctii, Radix Angelicae, Herba Artemisiae, Rhizoma Dioscorea et 4 other plants.
• This formula does not contain any substance prohibited by the racing code or the FEI. See the certificate of analysis n ° 1001 of the Laboratory of Horse Racing (LCH).
• Regulatory name> Food supplement - No additive

Plants used in Chinese medicine for horses


Certificat LCH

Certificat Equi TAO YIN N° 7007

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AnimoTAO Customer reviews

By on  08 Sept. 2019 (Equi TAO-DERM / Horse Balance & Skin) :

In little improvement

After several stuffed pores, I could observe a small reduction in the scratching of my mare

By on  19 July 2019 (Equi TAO-DERM / Horse Balance & Skin) :


Our donkey was diagnosed with summer dermatitis 2 years ago and if I understood correctly: chronic. She was open all over her body, hair loss, horrible to see the itching, and she gets itchy all the time. Tried a veterinarian treatment (antibiotic and cortisone?) which relieved a little while, oil of cade same. A little sceptical I ordered Animotao and started the treatment in March approximately.
Difficult to give, at first in barley, but it is a strong taste, and she wanted more, after hidden in apples, it worked for a while. I did not give every day, I started with 2 spoons, then one and it's been a good month that I give more at all ... We are in the middle of the season for dermatitis, but it is going very well. His hairs have grown back, there is a small, not beautiful place on the chest, but is it dermatitis or just the bite of flies?
Is it just AnimoTAO or something else? I don't know, anyway I have some powder left, I'm going to try to give again, but she's not crazy, she smells first, and she doesn't eat.
But yes I find it magic. I recommend trying. Maybe it depends on the animal, but for Luna it's a miracle! She is beautiful and grills more, no more than the others.
I cross my fingers and hope it won't come back.
Thank you so much !!

By on  27 Apr. 2019 (Equi TAO-DERM / Horse Balance & Skin) :

Equi Tao Derm

I started the treatment on February 1, 2019 which I am still pursuing because my horse is still scratching but much less than at the beginning
and its hair quickly repelled ... I only put 4 stars because I am convinced that it is still an excellent product, but I am waiting to add the 5th
my horse will never scratch again
I nevertheless had 2 interruptions (lack of product) during the treatment because I did not do it quickly enough to recommend it may be because of it
that the effects are slower or also because my horse was already very bad when I started ...
But otherwise the delivery is very fast and I think this product is effective
In addition, the advice given to you by phone is very useful and sincere ... We are not trying to sell you more product than necessary
I have read several opinions which are all very positive on various products including that of the one who sponsored me and who is very satisfied with the treatment she made on her 2 Horses ...
I recommend this site to you and will not fail to add a comment as soon as my horse is completely healed

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