Cani TAO-TIAN / Senior Dog Comfort

Cani TAO-TIAN - improve life quality of senior dogs ( vital energy and mobility ) - for old dogs - Natural - No additives
  • Cani TAO-TIAN - improve life quality of senior dogs ( vital energy and mobility ) - for old dogs - Natural - No additives

Cani TAO-TIAN / Senior Dog Comfort

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Food supplement, which contributes to improve life quality of senior dogs (vital energy and mobility).
Exclusively herbal.
Ideal for owners who wish to enjoy their companion in good health and for a long time. Product acclaimed by our customers which makes it one of the best-selling products in our range.
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Logo - 100% natural - vegan - additives free - animal friendly 

Indicative dosage (can be adapted):
1 capsule per day for 3 kg of weight or 1/2 measuring spoon per day for 10 kg of weight (to be mixed with food). Better to give half the morning and half the evening, if possible.
Cani TAO-TIAN, when nature is synonymous with playful longevity! Your dog will be delighted ...

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Reviews Cani TAO-TIAN / Senior Dog Comfort

 Customer ratings and reviews
 (4,4/5)  - 9 rating(s) - 9 review(s)
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 Customer ratings and reviews
 (4,4/5)  - 9 rating(s) - 9 review(s)

Detailed description


Cani TAO-TIAN 100% natural and composed only of carefully selected plants, contributes to improve life quality of senior dog (vital energy and mobility).
By helping your dog to harmonize his YIN and YANG energies, Cani TAO-TIAN has a lasting action while being gentle with your animal.
Cani TAO-TIAN is available under plants powder in caps, in a 50 g jar or in an "economic" format in a 100 g jar.

Plants used in Chinese medicine for dogs


• Elderly animals
• Support of Vital Energy (ZHENG QI) for seniors
• Helps to preserve elderly dog mobility

Chinese approach

YIN energies are life and vitality foundation. But Nature's laws mean these energies are not inexhaustible and decline over time. The idea of ​​compensating time effects with plants has been known by Chinese since dawn of time.
Mobility is also an important vitality factor since it determines flow of energy. Helping your dog to be able to move in the best conditions is a guarantee of good mind and good health. If you practice Chinese gymnastic such as Qi Gong or Tai Ji Quan, these principles have no doubt been taught to you by your teacher ...

Your experts opinion

Cani TAO-TIAN has to be used as a cure of 3 to 6 weeks at first signs of ageing, ideally every year or when the need arises.
• In rare cases, some dogs may be less enthusiastic about our products. In this case, we invite you to use a treat. We appreciate the cancoillotte cheese because it is convenient and not very fat. As a last resort, there remains the solution of “A/D” wet food from Hills, which are certainly not organic, but very tasty and whose dogs love. In some situations, the most important thing is that your pet takes his plants.
• Our products are specially formulated to be associated with each other if necessary.
• Regarding Cani TAO-TIAN, no side effects or incompatibility with other products have been reported to date.

Science point of view

Pharmacological studies
The plant active ingredients present in Cani TAO-TIAN give it a wide variety of properties:
> Antioxidant
> Cardio-protective
> Hypoglycaemic
> Anti-inflammatory
> Antimutagen
> Anti tumour


• Composed of Rd Rhemanniae Glutin., Cortex Eucommiae, Fructus Lycii Chinensis, Ramulus Cinnamomi, Herba Asari, Radix Paeoniae, Radix Achyranthis, Radix Gentianae, Radix Astragali, Radix Paeoniae, Rhizoma Curcumae, Radix Angelicae Pubescentis, Tuber Ophiopogonis.
• Regulatory name> Food supplement - No additive

Plants used in Chinese medicine for dogs

AnimoTAO Customer reviews

By on  22 June 2021 (Cani TAO-TIAN / Senior Dog Comfort) :

very happy

Great product that I recommend!

By on  14 Jan. 2020 (Cani TAO-TIAN / Senior Dog Comfort) :

Radical change

I tested and I just recommend the product! My 14-year-old dog started to have joint and muscle pain.
Two days after the start of treatment, a radical change ... better. He regained mobility and dynamism

By on  09 Sept. 2019 (Cani TAO-TIAN / Senior Dog Comfort) :

very good product

very good product, when Asti makes a cure of your products he continues to keep himself in shape and he will be 14 years old on September 29th, despite its badly placed polyp, which is too risky to remove.
By the way, I'll take it again.

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