Equi TAO-FU / Horse Comfort & Digestion

Equi TAO-FU - used in case of digestive problems, chronical colics, plug - for horses
  • Equi TAO-FU - used in case of digestive problems, chronical colics, plug - for horses

Equi TAO-FU / Horse Comfort & Digestion

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Food supplement for horses exclusively composed of herbals, which contribute to digestive system balance.
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Logo - 100% natural - vegan - additives free - animal friendly

Indicative quantity (can be adapted) :
1 measuring spoon per day per 150 kg of weight (to be mixed with usual meal or a treat). Better to be splitted in 2 sockets if possible.

With Equi TAO-FU, offer him/she the best of Nature now ! Your horse will be delighted ...

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Reviews Equi TAO-FU / Horse Comfort & Digestion

 Customer ratings and reviews
 (5/5)  - 2 rating(s) - 2 review(s)
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 Customer ratings and reviews
 (5/5)  - 2 rating(s) - 2 review(s)

Detailed description


Equi TAO-FU, 100% natural and composed exclusively of carefully selected herbals, contributes to digestive functions balance.
Helping your horse to harmonize his YIN and YANG energies, Equi TAO-FU has a lasting action while being gentle for your animal.
Equi TAO-FU is presented under powder form of finely chopped herbals.

Plants used in Chinese medicine for horses


Type of imbalanced energy for which it is accurate to use Equi TAO-FU could correspond, according to modern science, to digestive problems, chronical colics, plug...

Chinese approach

Over time, digestive system tends to clutterance. Several inconveniences arise :
1) Energy production fails and resulting less vitality leads the horse to impossibility to provide performances,
2) Colic risk is higher if a plug developps,
3) Parasites multiplication is favorized.

Our experts opinion

• Plan a cure of 1 to 2 weeks, to be renewed if necessary.
• Using Equi TAO-FU during 7 days before deworming is advised.
• Regarding Equi TAO-FU, no side effect or incompatibility with other products has been reported to date.

Science point of view

Pharmacologics studies
The plants active ingredients in Equi TAO-FU give it a wide variety of properties :
> Favorize fats digestion
> Increase the secretion of digestive enzymes
> Reduce blood lipids


• Composed of Rhizoma Ciperi Rotundi, Peric Citri Reticulatae, Semen Raphani Sativi, Fructus Crataegi, Fructus Oryzae Sativae  et 3 other plants.
• Non doping product.
• Regulatory name > Food supplement - No additive

Plants used in Chinese medicine for horses

AnimoTAO Customer reviews

By on  11 May 2019 (Equi TAO-FU / Horse Comfort & Digestion) :

Very good

Effective, this product put an end to the recurrent small colic of our horse, which did not make any more crisis after a cure of 3 weeks

By on  06 Apr. 2016 (Equi TAO-FU / Horse Comfort & Digestion) :

Excellent products, convincing results!

First of all a big thank you to Doctor Klein for the quality of listening, advice by perfectly targeting the issues of my Velours horse. Thank you also for the kindness and speed of Christine. Nowadays it is precious.
After a rather chaotic journey through allopathic empirical medicine and plants from various manufacturers, I tested on my horse Velours, a 5-year-old Lusitanian who has developed and chained lots of symptoms and worries for 6 months: stiffness, yawning, reaction bloody, recurrent digestive disorders, apathy ... finally a fairly severe colic ... He is on FU and WEI treatment since his return from the clinic (1 pot of each) and the horse seems as if liberated, more awake staying put. Appetite and transit returned to normal. Less stomach tension. From far away, he must do a second treatment by continuing the FU and pass to CALM being emotionally as fragile and sensitive. That positive effects, a certain well-being, a large part of the disappeared or attenuated symptoms, results which seem to be confirmed day after day. Even the taste goes (though a little difficult) in his rations.
Really great! I talk about it and recommend around me to help the riders and their horses.
And as often our horses are our mirrors and sponges I start a treatment TCM products for humans! .... I am confident in these products and Medicine. Try it you will not be disappointed.

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