Buy 3, get 4 !

As you surely already understood, each member of AnimoTAO team lives with 4 legs friend... and we all have big ones!
So let us ensure you that we are fully aware of economic purpose that this choice involves.
If you're like us and have the pleasure to share your life with a furry ball that weigh more than 15kg (33Lbs), let us tell that we thought about you when we created this promotional offer.

Even if love has no commercial value, we never refuse some help, don't we?

By selecting option 3 = 4, you will pay 3 units of 100gr (or 120gr for horses) and we'll offer a fourth one.
Means 25% off on total amount!
Whatever are your animal needs, you will find this option on our whole dogs and horses range.


So do not hesitate and hurry to order!
* This promotional discount is available to individual purchasers only.

Congratulations, a 3 € reward has just been credited to your "Reward" account.

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