> Do I have to give AnimoTAO products for life?

In no case, when the energy balance is found, the effects last. Sometimes, in the elderly and in some cases, an annual maintenance can be prudent.

> Are AnimoTAO products compatible with my veterinarian's treatment?

Yes, totally, because the actions are complementary.

> Should I stop my veterinarian's treatment if I give AnimoTAO products to my animal?

No, in any case. If you wish to adapt your pet's treatment, consult your veterinarian before.

> Are there any side effects with AnimoTAO products?

No, we have never encountered one. If you think this is the case, first check that nothing has escaped you, such as poisoning or an infectious disease such as piroplasmosis or leptospirosis, for example

> Can I give a dog product to a cat and vice versa?

Yes, absolutely, just adjust the dosage to the weight of the animal.

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