100% natural well being

All our products are made up exclusively of top quality and rigorously selected plants.

Know-how from an ancestral tradition

Our plant complexes are variations of those used for centuries by humans and the formulations are adapted to the specifics of animals. In this sense, your animal benefits from 5000 years of experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine which is now recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The result of 15 years of research

All our products are validated with many criteria: efficiency, traceability, quality, safety ...
The checks carried out are the same as for pharmaceutical products for humans. It is very expensive but it is what allows us to offer you quality and security. This obviously has repercussions on the price of our products, and we are aware of this. As such, we thank you for agreeing to make this effort for your animal which, in our opinion, deserves the best.

No chemicals or additives

Over the entire production cycle, from culture to packaging, no additives are used.
Our products are therefore guaranteed without excipient, without chemical fertilizer, without preservative, without dye and without heavy metals. It's better for your pet, it's better for nature!

For a global rebalancing

Our products are intended to restore the energy balance of your animal in total harmony with nature. This explains how a single plant complex can help your pet with a set of problems that are known to be unrelated by conventional medicine.

Balance found = long-lasting effect

According to Chinese Medicine, a health problem is characterized by an imbalance between the energies YIN and YANG.
When balance is found, your pet will regain its full form, and for a long time!

Long-term effect = Savings achieved

The effects of our products last over time, which ultimately makes them more economical ...

No side effects

The association of plants is planned so that they harmonize with each other, to achieve a subtle balance. It is for this reason that no plant is used alone. 5000 years of experience is precious!

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