HuangDi Neijing, Les livres du dauphin Beijing• HuangDi Neijing

From H. Yazhou et Z. Chuncai, editions "Les livres du dauphin Beijing", ISBN 7-80051-819-1
The bible of Chinese Medecinein comics... Playful and complete.


Summary of Traditional Chinese Medicine, E. Marie• Summary of Traditional Chinese Medicine

By E. Marié, Dangles editions, ISBN 267033-0458-7
Excellent book on TCM for humans, which would be almost a memory aid as it is complete and serious. Reserved for motivated people...


Toxic croquettes, Dr Jutta Ziegler, Thierry Souccar• Toxic croquettes

From Dr Jutta Ziegler (vet), Thierry Souccar editions, ISBN 978-2-36549-084-9
Industrial food, antibiotics, vaccines... Why do they make our animals sick and how to do without them ?


L'animal miroir de l'homme, Olivier Grandrie• L' animal miroir de l'homme

From Olivier Grandrie, Quintessence editions, ISBN 978-2913281493
A different approach to the disease, an overview of different medicines with many examples.


Veterinary Acupuncture Boards, F. Molinier• Veterinary Acupuncture Boards

By F. Molinier, Phu Xuan editions.
Meridian bords and acupuncture points fairly well done. Rather intended for professional use.

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