Pr Leung, teacher and practitioner

Professor Leung Kok Yuen, who died in 2013 at the age of 92, was a teacher and practitioner of international reputation, whose competence and experience constitute an indisputable reference. It is from his teaching that we developed our product range and we thank him.
His knowledge is invaluable and we plan to work to spread it.
Among his references, Professor Leung has 30 years of experience in Hong Kong.

He holds the title of "Shih-I" attributed to Chinese doctors whose family has perpetuated a medical tradition for several generations.

Professor Leung’s education took place under the authority of his father in the south of Canton.

His career can be summarized as follows :

> 1942 Opening of an acupuncture clinic in Hong Kong
> 1952 à 1970 He teaches acupuncture in the following schools : Modern Chinese Medical Research Institute (affiliated with Shangaï College of Chinese Medecine) and Kowloon Association of Chinese Medical Practitioners in Hong Kong.
> 1956 à 1970 President of the Chinese Acupuncture Institute of Hong Kong and of the Chinese Acupuncture Association.
> 1970 He immigrated to Canada and founded the North American College of Acupuncture in Vancouver.

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