Cani TAO-LIU / Dog tumoral process

Cani TAO-LIU - used in case of Breast tumour, Internal tumours, Cancer of the liver, spleen, lung, prostate - for dogs
  • Cani TAO-LIU - used in case of Breast tumour, Internal tumours, Cancer of the liver, spleen, lung, prostate - for dogs

Cani TAO-LIU / Dog tumoral process

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Food supplement for dogs exclusively herbal, which helps to balance energies of immune and hormonal systems.
Cani TAO-LIU should be used, according to modern science, to situations such as Breast tumour, Internal tumours (hemangiosarcoma, adrenal glands, size ...), Cancer of the liver, spleen, lung, prostate ...
Compatible with conventional treatments (chemotherapy ...).
Product acclaimed by our customers, which makes it one of the best-selling products in our range.
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Indicative dosage (can be adapted):

2 capsules per day for 3 kg of weight or 1 measuring spoon per day for 10 kg of weight (to be mixed with food). Better to split between morning and evening, if possible.
Cani TAO-LIU is the strength of plants combined with the sweetness of nature!

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Reviews Cani TAO-LIU / Dog tumoral process

 Customer ratings and reviews
 (4,8/5)  - 29 rating(s) - 29 review(s)
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 Customer ratings and reviews
 (4,8/5)  - 29 rating(s) - 29 review(s)

Detailed description


Cani TAO-LIU 100% natural, composed only of carefully selected plants, helps to balance immune and hormonal systems.
By helping your dog to harmonize his YIN and YANG energies, Cani TAO-LIU has a lasting action while being gentle with your animal.
Cani TAO-LIU is available under plants powder in caps, in a 50 g jar or in an "economic" format in a 100 g jar.

Plants used in Chinese medicine for dogs


• Breast tumour (breast adenocarcinoma, udder adenocarcinoma),
• Certain internal tumours (hemangiosarcoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, adrenal glands, size, etc).
• Liver, spleen, lung, prostate cancer ...

Chinese approach

According to Chinese tradition, internal tumours (ZHONG LIU) are the result of combination of poor energy circulation (QI YU) and an accumulation of waste (called TAN) produced by digestive system.

Your experts opinion

• Plan a cure of 3 to 6 months, to be renewed if necessary.
• Depending of situation Cani TAO-LIU can be combined with Cani TAO-JIE, Cani TAO-SHEN, Cani TAO-GAN, or Cani TAO-YUE.
• In case of chemotherapy, supplement with Cani TAO-WANG.
• Please note that Cani TAO-LIU is not suitable for skin lesions.
• In rare cases, some dogs may be less enthusiastic about our products. In this case, we invite you to use a treat. We appreciate the cancoillotte cheese because it is convenient and not very fat. As a last resort, there remains the solution of “A/D” wet food from Hills, which are certainly not organic, but very tasty and whose dogs love. In some situations, the most important thing is that your pet takes his plants.
• Our products are specially formulated to be associated with each other if necessary.
• Concerning Cani TAO-LIU, no side effect or incompatibility with other products has been reported to date.

Science point of view

Pharmacological studies
The plant active ingredients present in Cani TAO-LIU give it a wide variety of properties:
> Antioxidant
> Antitumour
> Detoxifier


• Composed of Radix Curcumae, Rhizoma Corydalis, Radix Paeonia, Cortex Magnoliae, Radix Saussureae, Pericarpium Citri, Fructus Citri, Poriae Cocos, Radix Aristolochiae, Fructus Amomi, Lignum Aquilariae, Fructus Meliae.
• Regulatory name> Food supplement - No additive

Plants used in Chinese medicine for dogs

AnimoTAO Customer reviews

By on  02 March 2020 (Cani TAO-LIU / Dog tumoral process) :

our border collie (female) Berry aged 14, weight 21 kg, suffering from a mammary tumour

She is currently under treatment Cani Tao Liu (powder) since a little more than mid-July 2019.
Our vet sterilized her at the age of 9 by removing her matrix because my wife had discovered a lump by feeling it at that time. He had let us know that it must be hormonal and he had also discovered a ball of fat, which he had removed at the same time as one of the two breast chains.
At the beginning of the year 2019, when palpating the dog, my wife felt a small tumour (?) - fat ball (?). In the bottom of her second breast chain not removed to date. We took her directly to our ve, and him, fortified by his experience, told us that it was probably a cancerous tumour. And that surgery could be done but he did not guarantee that she would be among us 6 months later.
Berry was checked by our veterinarian in January 2020. It is not always easy to administer Tao Liu without wrapping it in a slice of ham, and we doubled the doses on the advice of Mr. Klein.
His cyst is, according to our vet, cancerous and it has doubled in size since the last time.
Last year, he left us the choice of an operation - letting us know that in this case, he did not guarantee that, 6 months after the operation, she would still be among us, and it was then that we had turned to the products of Mr Klein.
According to him, it is likely that this cyst continues to grow and that it risks exploding - in this ultimate case, an operation would be difficult to carry out - but still possible. He leaves us open on this subject, in order to remove that tumour from her.
We are now in March and, although this cyst is a little smaller than a ping pong ball, we continue to administer Tao liu to her. And our dog is doing well for a dog of his age (14 years old now)
We know we will lose her someday, probably because of that, but we keep faith and continue to work with Tao LIU.
In any case, thank you to Mr. Klein for his advice and for listening.
JM Thiele de Ransart in Belgium

By on  22 Feb. 2020 (Cani TAO-LIU / Dog tumoral process) :

Cani tao liu

My djazzy supports her treatment well, I give her powder with a little dog mash. For the moment she is holding up ...

By on  04 Feb. 2020 (Cani TAO-LIU / Dog tumoral process) :

Cani Tao Liu

Very good product. Has its effect for the moment. Appetizing products because no difficulty in getting it ingested. Serious persons listening and good memories. Their advice take consideration of vet advice to adapt the treatment. No miracle or magic powder is sold, but alternative solutions to diseases today.

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